VBA solution for this works perfect. You just need to change below Pivot name and Field Name. 

ActiveSheet.PivotTables(“Pivot1”).PivotFields(“FIELD NAME”).AutoSort xlAscending, “FIELD NAME” (Was from http://www.mrexcel.com/forum/excel-questions/353932-pivot-table-filter-sorting-2.html by User Mi5terH)


Below solution is from JenMladucky’s post on Monday, January 25, 2010 2:55 PM

START>Right Click on COMPUTER and select Properties.
Click on ADVANCED SYSTEM SETTINGS on the left.
Click on the COMPUTER NAME tab.

My Computer Description was blank. I added a computer description, clicked OK – then refreshed the Network folder and Wah-Lah! All of the workstations appeared.

在汉语里,被戴绿帽子表示老婆和其他男人有一腿,可是这个St Patrick’s Day每个人都戴绿帽子。


Yesterday around 5pm my phone got no signal at all. Firstly I thought it was iPhone problem and tried to restart it for more than 5 times. At that time I was trying to call my wife to go home together. Also I was expecting phone call from TPG Engineer. Only when my wife got home I realised that her phone also not working, TPG mobile as well. I understand TPG is using Optus network. I also understand everyone using Telstra line to provide broadband. I would say this is another TPG problem. They just cannot deliver service properly to customer. I bet lots of customer will leave this bad service provider, only greedy for market share.

By the way, my broadband still not working properly.


Just read from http://www.itnews.com.au/News/241621,optus-3g-network-goes-out-in-sydney.aspx

Transmission fault blamed.

Optus suffered a two-hour outage on its 3G network on Monday evening, leaving customers in parts of Sydney unable to make or receive calls or text messages.

A spokesman for Optus told iTnews that the outage “was caused by a transmission fault that resulted in a call signalling failure”.

“It resulted in the loss of some 3G voice services in Sydney CBD while some 2G voice services were impacted in the surrounding areas (eg. Eastern Suburbs, Lower North Shore, Northern Beaches and Sutherland Shire),” the spokesman said.

The carrier had earlier asked customers to “please switch to 2G for calls + SMS” in a tweet.

Users from across Sydney and as far afield as Newcastle reported the outage on the broadband forum Whirlpool.

Services appeared to drop out about 5.30pm before being restored about two hours later.

Optus apologised for the inconvenience caused to customers.

Just received 3D bonus pack. Connected and tested 3D movie with error says, player or display does not support 3D. Called Sony support this morning and been advised to update firmware for PS3. Believe lots of people will have this same issue. Here is the link to download the latest v3.55 firmware if you are going to update it through USB stick.


Save it to USB and plug into PS3. Go to System update and PS3 will automatically detect this update file. It only take about 3 minutes to finish everything and restart PS3.

If you have internet broadband connection for your PS3, you can do it through console. Just go to Setting, network setting, Connection scan…

It works fine. 3d also brilliant.

Last few days, TPG broadband was extremely slow. So many customer called their 13 14 23 number that I got no connection except for busy tone. I got though once to a guy finally, but he let me hold on for about 20 minutes as he mentioned there is an open case. After that, they cut me off the line. When I called again, their phone system automatically replied that they could not answer any phone calls because too many people calling…

I believe it is right when you sign up too many customers on limited broadband width. Of course their profit increased dramatically, but service quality goes opposite. On the phone to TPG technical support today, they ask me to do all the same thing again, ie, isolation test etc which I did just 6 weeks ago. Just wondering reseting modem can make TPG service better? If you need to switch off your modem every few minutes, then I believe every one will change their service provider soon. Problem for me is my plan still have half year to expire. Cannot wait for changing over to other company. Thinking about iiNet now.

It happened at about 5 to 9 this morning at the corner of Woniora St and Forster St in Blakehurst, a south suburb near Hurstville. More than 5 police were called in. Energy Australia technician also arrived after about half hour. Residents around all out after heard a big bang. Power line were broken and smoke was seen. A piece of power line also was seen on The truck running to Princes Hwy. Terrible moment.

Dumplings !!!

Below is people’s belief in Australia for the next 12 month house pricing.


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